About Quick (Cricket Club in The Hague Holland)


Although the soccer section already was founded in 1896, it took more than 30 years before cricket made its appearance at Quick. In 1928 the first league match was played aqainst Phoenix from Delft and won.

Until 1950 Quick acted on a low level, but then in four years time the 1st division was reached and after a few years of relagation and promotion the championship of Holland in 1965 was a fact. This was repeated in 1970 and 1986, 2013 and 2014

At this moment 4 senior teams play in the Sunday League, of which the first team at highest level: the "Top Class". The Second team at "First Class".

On Saturday there are the veterans and the fun cricketers. Besides that, Quick has a women team, which in 2002 ,2005,2008,2010 and 2015 won the championship of the Premier League in The Netherlands

With more than 150 members the youth department is flourishing.

Players/Coaches in 2016 are South Afrcans Jean Bredenkamp and Jovuan van Wyngaardt